Time Management For Authors

Make the most of your time at home, at the office, and at the computer!

Are you tired of running around, trying to get all your work done as an author and still keep up with family, house, and a full-time job to support your writing habit? And then someone calls you to go out to eat or play golf… HA!

Now you can make more time by getting yourself organized! No, this is not a foolproof system, but it worked for me! I am a full time registered nurse with a family who finds time not only to write, but also publish e-books, and play golf

First you need to write down on a piece of paper all of your household chores that you do. Split the rooms up throughout the week! I have six areas that I have to clean in my house: the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, kitchen, the yard, and the office area. By doing two “major” chores every day, I can have things done in only an hour or two (if things are really bad). Bedroom and bathroom are combined into one day, living room and kitchen in another day, and the yard and office on a third day. I can usually get this stuff done during my time before or after work. Clean one room before work, and the other when you come home. Of course, this is ALOT easier if you have a husband who helps!

The fourth day of the week becomes my office day. Yes, I have to answer email and take care of some online business everyday, but I only do my marketing and publishing once a week. I do my weekly marketing strategies on this day.

Fifth day of the week is set aside for playing golf and quilting. Well, it’s just a ME day. You have to have a ME day or you will quickly go insane. Take time out for yourself!

The sixth day of the week is what I consider my ketchup day! Anything that I haven’t done earlier that week, I do on this day. If you have nothing to ketchup on then you have another free day! This can also be used as a writing day. This day can also be used as a laundry day if needed. The optimal thing with laundry is to do some during your daily cleaning time, but sometimes this isn’t always feasible.

The seventh day is a day of rest. I get up on Sunday morning and mousy on over to Sunday school and church then spend the rest of the day with my family. Yes, sometimes we end up doing special family projects, but atleast we are together!

When does that leave me time to write? Well, this is my secret to writing. I have a notebook, which I carry with me at all times, and when I have the chance, I write. You just never know when that vision is going to come upon you!

I take my notebook computer with me on trips, and work on stuff while my husband is driving. Although, please remember that if you do this WHILE driving then you might end up in my emergency room!

The number one key to time management is organization!!! The best place online that I have found for home organization is found at http://www.organizedhome.com/ Organize, declutter, simplify and clean! Don’t forget to download and print your very own organized home notebook!

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