Marketing Your Book

Market your book the right way by executing this simple marketing plan!

Week One

Get your website ready to go. Post the new information about your new book and make the big announcement the day that your book is released.

Now that your book is released, start out by making the best press release possible! This will need to be short, sweet, to the point, and able to grab the attention of potential readers. Send this release to local newspapers, regional newspapers, libraries, and other newsgroups that have an interest in that subject.

Start your emailing campaign by sending an announcement to everyone on your email list your big announcement! Using the e-Postcard method can also do this! Don’t forget to add your signature at the bottom of each email with a blurb about your new book.

Double check our your meta-tags on your website, and make sure that your website is properly added to search engines. This can be easily done with free sites such as

Make sure to add your listing to and if your publisher doesn’t already do it for you. For a grundle of bookmarketing ideas, also visit

Search the web for eZines pertaining to the same topic as your book. Also do a web search for places with articles the same as your book subject.

Week Two:

Take time out to analyze your website. You can post all the information you want on a website, but unless it is easy to read and fast downloading you are just spinning your wheels. A great place to check out your website is at

Have your book cover scanned, and order business cards printed up with your book cover on it and a small blurb on the back. This can be done VERY economically at

Check out other business ideas at

Library, or other eBook sellers. Ask them to post the article on their site in exchange for a link to your book ordering information.

Week Three:

Create a newsletter. There are plenty of places to host your newsletter, just be careful that you don’t get accused of spamming, because most opt-in list places will not tolerate spam!

Another alternative is to use an email program with a distribution list such as Pegasus Mail, which can be downloaded for free at

During this week, also send an article to an eZine. A huge list can be found at


Week Four:

Check out more places to market you as an author and your book.

Don’t let a week go by that you don’t do something to promote your book! You MUST get out there and knock on the website doors, and send emails to those who might be interested in your book, because if people don’t know that it is available, then they can not purchase it!“

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