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Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2015

Whether you are a newbie traveler or an expert traveler, this book has what you are looking for!

Since 2003, Epstein and the Highway Hypodermics series has brought the most conversant information to traveling nurses, staffing recruiters, and travel nursing company executives. The Amazon #1 rated book on travel nursing, not only includes Epstein’s years of award winning writing, but adds the expertise of travel taxes by adding co-author, Joseph C. Smith.

This includes such topics as: Traits of a Quality Travel Nurse, How Travel Nurses Need To Behave, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Location, Corporation, and Documentation, The Nitty Gritty About Taxes, Politics in Travel Nursing, Traveling as an LPN, Allied Health Traveling, Traveling When You’re From a Foreign Country, Independent Contracting, Traveling with Pets, Traveling in an RV, Homeschooling While on the Road, Travel Company Fundamentals, Questions About Contracts, Nurse Stories, Recruiter Profiles, and Travel Company Profiles.

In “Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2015,” most of the chapters have received a complete rewrite or major editing, making this the most up-to-date book for the travel healthcare professional. This also includes a complete chapter authored by Joseph C. Smith, the voice of authority for travel taxes.

“Very well researched and written. Concise. Should be required reading for any nurse interested in being a travel nurse. Great tips on how to get started, what to bring, how to choose a location, a company, a recruiter, etc. I have been a travel nurse for 9 years, and this was my inspiration to give it a try, and I still use it as a reference when I have a question. Great tax info, and lots more!” (Kathy D Warren, RN)

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