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Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2012

Since 2003 Epstein and the Highway Hypodermics series has brought the most up to date information to traveling nurses, staffing recruiters, and travel nursing company executives.

This edition not only takes you down the path of finding a great travel company and an awesome assignment, but delves into the finer things of travel nursing including: steps to being a travel nursing for foreign trained nurses, traveling in an RV, traveling as an OT, PT, SLP, or LPN, homeschooling while traveling, independent contracting, and what the nursing license company really means. New topics in this edition includes new testing (PBDS & BKAT), standards groups (JCAHO & NATHO), and traveling with a pet. Plus there are over forty new stories from other nurses.

The writing world calls her Epstein, but reality calls her “Kay.” She has been a nurse since 1992 and was first published in 2001. “Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2012” is the fourth book in her travel nursing series.

Not only was she chosen as one of the traveling nurses of the year in 2005, but her travel nursing books have received top awards. The 2005 version was a finalist in the USABooksNews’ annual awards, the 2007 version reached number on Amazon’s best seller list in Nursing Trends, Issued, and Roles. The 2009 version was a winner in the USABookNews annual awards in 2010.

Epstein is currently working at a rural critical access hospital while keeping up with all the travel nursing news and trends, including yearly presentations at the Travel Medical Professionals Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

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